donderdag 1 oktober 2009

Wanted: Eclipse App & Service Store

iTunes app store success with over a billion downloads begs for an Eclipse equivalent for not only providing updates but also discovery of plugins and services and training!

Read tecosystems for an UI outline and > /dev/null for The Aware Workbench.

I can open a bug for this on but under what part of Eclipse should it be filed: Platform? Incubator? Working Groups?

4 opmerkingen:

  1. hi Wim,
    at Eclipse we use Marketplace term instead of Store :-)

    checkout and

  2. Hi Maarten,

    Have a look at

    For training you may find what you search here :



  3. There is a current beta for the new Eclipse Marketplace:

    Feel free to comment on the bug here:

    It's in its early stages, but we are trying to do what you want :)

  4. As others have mentioned, please take the time to provide feedback on the Eclipse Marketplace. It is not perfect but we are trying to get towards an App Store model.