vrijdag 16 oktober 2009

Eclipse RCP in a day

Yesterday I spent a very pleasurable afternoon and evening helping out with the Eclipse RCP in a Day course organized by Industrial TSI for members of NL JUG, the Dutch Java Users Group. Topics covered were: OSGi, RCP Application, plugins, Views, Commands, Branding and building applications.

Quite a number of people participated, so maybe we can soon welcome more members to the Eclipse tribe...

The training was given by Wim Jongman, the Dutch Mr Eclipse himself!

Lets hope we see these people back for the Eclipse training series where all will be covered in more depth.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hey wow I was just wasting some time by searching for Java blogs and here I am with my picture on a blog (the guy in gray with black sleeves on the right).

    I must say I really enjoyed the (free for NLJUG members!) session and it was very useful to get us started on the basics of Eclipse RCP. We will probably use it to port from our existing in-house server/client Swing application (which is in a bit of a spaghetti code state at the moment...) to be able for our program to successfully grow into a software product in the future.