donderdag 22 augustus 2013

Building the Industrial SQL Connector for Mylyn with Hudson

To get early warning when changes in Eclipse, Mylyn or EclipseLink break the build of Industrial SQL Connector for Mylyn, I have set up a build on my home Hudson CI server. When you want to use this connector you can do the same following the steps below.


You will need a Hudson CI server set up, follow instructions here. You will also need maven installed from here or use the integrated version.

Create a new Hudson Job

01 createjob

After pressing OK you will see:

02 jobcreated

Configure and test SVN checkout

Enter the anonymous SVN checkout url from EclipseLabs : Also configure the build triggers, now set for 30 minutes past hour on weekdays. Can probably be less, but CI is supposed to be well continuous

03 configuresvn

After saving this configuration, press Build Now

04 testbuild

05 allcheckedout

When it's done, check the Workspace. It should look like this:

06 workspaceview

Configure the Maven/Tycho build and test it.

Next step is to add building the checked out code. Industrial SQL Connector for Mylyn comes preconfigured for a Maven/Tycho build so that is easy. Add the Build Step named Invoke Maven 3

07 addmaven3build

We need some advanced options so click the Advanced button. Most important is that the root pom file is not in the root directory but in com.industrialtsi.mylyn.maven/

08 configuremaven3build

Press Build Now again.

09 testbuildagain

Build success

When all is well you should see this, Finished: SUCCESS

10 testbuildsuccess

Results are all in the Workspace, so a bit hard to find:

11 testbuildresults

Publishing artifacts

You can archive and publish the artifacts produced by Maven by configuring the build.

12 archiveresults

This produces the following Job display:

13 resultspublished


14 sunshine

dinsdag 20 augustus 2013

Industrial SQL Connector for Mylyn updated for Eclipse 4.3 and Mylyn 3.9.0 (now version 0.9.10)

New activity at Bug 184532: [connector] Generic SQL connector meant it was time for a fresh look at the Industrial SQL connector for Mylyn.

New Kepler Platform Target

I have added a Kepler target platform with latest Mylyn and EclipseLink 2.4.2 for easy configuration Kepler Target I have updated the references In the MANIFEST.MF to point to Mylyn 3.9.0

Connector build with Maven/Tycho

I fixed the Tycho/Maven build so you can quickly get up to speed Tycho/Maven build

Fragment build with Maven/Tycho

In the process I made an interesting discovery about Tycho dependency resolution when compiling fragments. An Eclipse code fragment depends on a host plug-in. The PDE allows the fragment to use all dependencies of the host, even the ones marked optional. When building with Maven/Tycho these dependencies are not resolved. The fix was to add the required JAR to the Extra Classpath Entries of of the fragment. Extra Classpath Entries


Code for the Industrial SQL connector for Mylyn is hosted at EclipseLabs.