woensdag 25 juli 2012

Industrial SQL Connector for Mylyn updated for Eclipse 3.8/4.2 and Mylyn 3.8.0 (now version 0.9.9)

The most recent Mylyn update to version 3.8.0 broke the Industrial SQL Connecor for Mylyn, but no longer. The change was minor but illustrative: we "borrowed" the DatePicker from org.eclipse.mylyn.internal.provisional.commons.ui and as this is clearly marked internal, it was bound to break at some point. Luckily the Mylyn developers moved this DatePicker out of internal API so everybody can use it. It is now part of the org.eclipse.mylyn.commons.workbench Bundle. If you want to use for Mylyn before 3.8.0 you should check out code from SVN tag /tags/mylyn-3.7.0 The updated code is in /trunk/ I also update the info at Eclipse Marketplace and the code at EclipseLabs. The Industrial SQL Connector for Mylyn allows you to set up a Mylyn connection to any accessible database with Task related information. A default Query UI for some very basic task settings is also provided. You define a set of SQL queries, and package these with some configuration in a fragment, the connector does the rest. You can use either EclipseLink/JPA technology with annotations or Ibatis 2.3.0 with configuration in XML files. Screen Shot 2012 07 25 at 22 30 56 Example projects are included and described elsewhere on this blog. The compiled code can also be installed from the update site