donderdag 17 september 2009

Industrial SQL Connector for Mylyn - version 0.9.4.v20090917

While using the Industrial SQL Connector to connect Mylyn to an Eventum repository some bugs were uncovered.
These were fixed and a new release 0.9.4.v20090917 posted to the update site. Source is also available from the SVN source repository at svn://

2011 02 22 After moving to EclipseLabs the update site is now here and SVN is here

Problems fixed

- can-query-repository always returned true, now listens to setting in repository-attributes
when false, legal property values are no longer queried for, easier when creating a connector, you can go step by step.
- can-synchronize-tasks always returned true, now listens to setting in repository-attributes
- can-delete-tasks (Mylyn since 3.3) was unsupported, now listens to setting in repository-attributes


Added two more query fields in the Fom Based Query wizard:
"Description" and "Comments", so you can now search these as well when you can come up with the right query.

These can be referenced as notes and comments dynamic parameters in the searchForKey query in the TaskMapXXX.xml.

Complete Eventum connector 0.3.0

A zip complete with source of the Eventum connector so far can be downloaded from here.

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  1. Just tried out the Eventum Connector. Could not connect to database while verifying new Task Repository. Its trying to connect using user 'eventum' while i inputted a different user and pass

    Anyway, i think its really cool (if it worked)