donderdag 10 december 2009

Dutch Eclipse Democamp 2009 at TSI International Nieuwegein

Yesterday TSI International hosted the Eclipse Democamp for about 40 people in Nieuwegein.

Photographic impression

Wim Jongman preparing for the kick off on Eclipse 4.0
Advanced networking facilities
All the chairs in the building set up
Making clear who paid for food and drink
and quite crowd came to listen and watch
Jeroen van Grondelle and Marcel Offermans about OSGI service patterns. (Only implemented in full in Apache Felix), Jeroen stressed that we have to rethink our application for OSGi to fully take advantage of its facilities and not continue in our old Eclipse habits. Think service, not listener.

Jim van Dijk on Presentation Modelling Framework. We have to learn to think about UI in a whole different way again, not in terms of implementation (widgets, controls, HTML, ...) but in their abstractions: conversations, dialogs, compound dialogs, etc.

Break for food and drink, THANK YOU Wim Jongman!
That went down just as well as the presentations
Roel Spilker and Reinier Zwitserloot talked about Project Lombok and showed the Lombox Eclipse plugin to the world for the first time!
Wim Jongman and Marcel Offermans talked about and demonstrated OSGi in the cloud using Eclipse and Apache ACE.
Finally we heard and saw Jelle Herold about Verostko graphics toolkit & Statebox process engine.


A well hosted gathering with excellent presentations for a growing number of Eclipse enthusiasts.

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  1. A small comment about the OSGi service patterns. Even though the dependency manager that supports these patterns is indeed part of Apache Felix, it is a normal OSGi bundle that runs just as well on Equinox (and therefore Eclipse) and Knopflerfish.

  2. Thanks for the recap Maarten. We now have to start working on the "International" connector i guess :) BTW The Eclipse Foundation chips in for the beverages!! Now you know why the bears taste so good!